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Race Academy

Learn to race and improve your skiing skills with the CCSC Race Academy! Racers (7-17) will enhance their race skills and participate in ski invitationals at various ski areas in the region.  This is a wonderful way to grow the love for racing and make friends with other racers in our area!

Race Academy Schedule:
Wednesday    5:00-7:00     (Slalom)
Friday                 6:00-8:00     (Giant Slalom)
Saturday           9:30-12:00  (Slalom)
Sunday               9:30-12:00  (Giant Slalom)
Races are generally held on Sundays. 

Check out our calendar to see our race schedule.

Cost: 1 day/Wk               $TBD
Cost: 2 days/Wk            $TBD
Cost: 3 /4 days/Wk      $TBD

Crystal Community Ski Club