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Top Team - Alpine Race Team - Ages 10-17

Top Team- High School and USS&S Racers

Athletes looking to improve their competitive race skills and race results will work with our top coaches on the CCSC Top Team!  The Top Team is geared towards older, experienced racers or those whose competitive skill level is high. Racers will enhance their race and skiing skills with specialized individual coaching under the guidance of Head Coach, Chris Fisher. Athletes looking to compete at the USS&S races will have extra coaching fees.

Top Team Schedule:

Wednesday    5:00-7:00       (Slalom)
Friday                 5:00-8:00       (Giant Slalom)
Saturday           9:00-12:00    (Slalom)
Sunday               9:00-12:00    (Giant Slalom)

Cost: 2 Days?Wk - $TBD
Cost: 3/4 days/Wk - $TBD

**Additional fees for coaching on USS&S races**

Head Coach - Chris Fisher

Alpine training day schedule

Wednesday evening: SL **

Friday evening:  GS

Saturday morning:  SL **

Sunday morning:  GS
** SL Chin Guards strongly recommended when training with tall SL gates - see your coaches for when needed.

Normal training schedule unless changes noted by your coaches.